Why Does The Lawn Company Require Scheduled Visits?

why does the lawn company require scheduled services?

Lawn service professionals spend years perfecting their trade. The team at Sun Power Lawn Care is no different. Through our years of experience, weve logged thousands of manpower hours performing lawn care in Gainesville and the surrounding communities. Some of our services include lawn striping, lawn aeration, landscaping, and sod installation, as well as various types of sprinkler repair. One of the questions we sometimes get asked is why the lawn company requires scheduled visits. Shouldnt lawns be mowed on more of an as needed” basis?

The answer is that the lawn company requires scheduled visits for several highly important reasons, not the least of which is to maximize your lawns health. Of course, that begs the question of why more frequent visits help in the first place.

Lets unpack some reasons why a lawn company such as ours would visit your home on a regular schedule.

Lawns should be mowed more frequently

When you mow your lawn, do you:

A) Mow it as short as possible to minimize mowing


B) Mow it taller but more frequently.

It may seem obvious at this point, but we advocate for the latter. There are several good reasons why a lawn service company in Gainesville would mow your grass taller but more frequently. For example, taller blades of grass can absorb water and sunlight more easily. Second, by mowing more often you can minimize weeds and maximize your lawn care. Finally, mowing more frequently means that you wont have massive amounts of thatch. Together, these promote a healthier lawn and are a big reason why a lawn company would require scheduled visits.

Weeds can take over pretty quickly

No one wants weeds in their landscape. This includes both their yard and flowerbeds. Have you ever heard the phrase, Growing like weeds”? Usually, this is said when talking about how fast our kids grow, but take a moment and think about the saying itself. Where did it come from?

Its simple: weeds grow fast. A yard or flowerbed left unattended can quickly find itself fighting a battle against unsightly weeds. Yet, the solution is even more simple: regularly scheduled visits from your lawn care company! Theyll make sure you never have to deal with a weed problem in the first place!

Pests like to build their nests in tall grass

This next statement might feel counterintuitive to our first reason. Tall grass is a ripe breeding ground for various pests. So why not simply mow the grass shorter” you might ask. Again, mowing your grass taller keeps the lawn itself healthy. Therefore, scheduled visits keep your grass at an optimal height, promoting growth while acting as a form of pest control.

In other words, theres a balancing act between keeping your grass tall enough so that it’s healthy yet short enough to keep pests at bay.

Small steps today prevent larger problems tomorrow

Have you ever hired one of the kids in your community to mow your grass for the summer? How consistent were they? If they were relatively responsible, you probably saw them once a week.

But what day of the week would they show up? Was it like clockwork or was it dependent on their schedule? Working with a lawn care service company like ours means that itll be the former: a routine you can count on. This regular schedule means that we can more easily take small steps today that will prevent larger problems tomorrow, such as tending to any necessary sprinkler repair. Lawn irrigation systems should be handled by a professional, and a regularly scheduled visit allows for ongoing inspections to ensure that there are no problems with it.

one time clean up lawn care service gainesville fl

So whats included in a one-time landscape clean-up?

Sometimes, you just need someone who can get your yard up to standard. For example, you may have recently purchased an older or abandoned property. If the landscape needs attended to, it may be a larger job than you have time for.

Thats why, as a part of our various types of lawn service, we offer a one-time landscape clean-up. Are you wondering whats included in a one-time landscape clean-up in Gainesville, FL? The options can vary based on your needs but often include lawn services such as:

  • Mowing excessive tall grass;
  • Trimming or cutting hedges that are out of control;
  • Eliminating weeds from your yard or flower beds;
  • Pruning shrubs or pulling vines;
  • Clearing leaves, and/or;
  • Removing debris.

Note that there is a three-hour minimum for this type of lawn care. Sometimes, after an intense storm, a homeowner will contact us for this type of service. Regardless of the reason, were here to help!

Why does the lawn company require scheduled visits?

Perhaps the easiest way to summarize why the lawn company requires scheduled visits is this: an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Mind you, our lawn service usually doesnt involve apples. Rather, this old saying was meant to drive home the importance of a proactive healthy lifestyle. By taking small steps each day, you could (potentially) negate the need for more involved healthcare.

While well leave the merits of that to medical professionals, the point were making is that scheduled lawn care visits can provide you with the healthiest lawn possible. Whether it be eliminating weeds, keeping your grass short to ward off pests, or maintaining bushes and shrubs, routine lawn service means that your landscape will look its best at all times.

Would you like to learn more about our various lawn care services? Then send our team a message here and well follow up with a time to chat soon to give you a free quote for our lawn care service!

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