Animals and Noise – 6 Loud Noises That Trigger Fearful Behaviors in Dogs and How to Avoid Them


Are you a dog owner? Isnt there something truly magical about our canine friends? Theyre always there for us, by our side, and bringing happiness to our household. However, for all of their energy, dogs can have phobias. Specifically, today were going to look at six loud noises that trigger fearful behavior in dogs and how to avoid them.

Fearful behavior in dogs

But first, what are some of the signs of fearful behavior in dogs? Dogs can have anxiety, and small things can trigger them. And because they cant speak, we need to watch for outward signs of an inward change. Some of the things that can indicate fear are:

  • Uncontrolled shaking;
  • Pacing or jumping from thing to thing;
  • A high level of alertness;
  • Hiding or trying to escape to another room;
  • Obvious signs, such as unprompted barking or whining, and;
  • Loss of bladder control.

But what are some of the causes of fearful behavior in dogs? There are six big ones, and well begin with the most obvious.

Fireworks – not a dogs best friend

While last month was firework season here in the U.S. because of the Fourth of July, many homeowners still choose to fire them off throughout the season. Fireworks near another persons home can be an immediate trigger warning for a dog.

Its one of the key reasons why community alerts tend to go out around July 4th, reminding pet owners to keep their beloved canines indoors or on a leash. The silence followed by the massive boom effect of shooting off a single firework can be enough to trigger fearful behavior in any dog.

As a rule of thumb, you should avoid setting off fireworks outside of approved community hours so that pet owners can have time to prepare.

Vacuum cleaners

Next, while our team is often focused on outside home services such as lawn care, adding mulch, or installing sod, one of your to-do items is to keep the inside of your home clean. And one of the most common triggers is something most of us do daily: run the vacuum cleaner.

Have you ever had your dog bark uncontrollably at your vacuum as you swept the floor? The high-pitched sound can be like nails on a chalkboard to them. It sends them into a frenzy, so when you vacuum, be sure to put your dog in another room to ease their anxiety.

HVAC systems

The white noise-like sound of an HVAC system running can be therapeutic to us. Its a low, constant sound that can help ease tension while keeping our homes comfortable. However, loud HVAC start-up booms can be scary for a dog. Likewise, if you use an electric air purifier as a part of your system, the constant zap” during the ionization process can be nerve-racking for a dog.

You can avoid this by keeping your dog confined to areas less likely to hear those echos of your HVAC system.

Outside construction

While sod and mulch installation is a form of home construction, its not the type were referring to today. Instead, our focus is on loud construction sounds: jackhammers, vehicle noises, and the like. Those sounds can be downright frightening to a dog who deals with anxiety. One way to avoid them is to take your dog to a friend or relative during the day so that theyre not left home alone with outside construction sounds driving them crazy.


The fifth of our loud noises that trigger fearful behavior in dogs is sirens. Some of these you probably cant avoid, such as community alert sirens. However, do you have a home security system? If so, try to turn the volume down on the alert siren. False alarms can be intense for your dogs ears. Keep the volume loud enough to scare away an intruder but not so loud as to give your dog anxiety.

Combustion engines

Our final loud noise to avoid will be where we spend the bulk of our time: combustion engines. Have you ever seen a dog chase a car as it drives by? Or does the lawn mower scare your canine friend whenever you use it?

The reality is gas-powered engines can be a big trigger warning for a dog. It sends fear down their spine and leads to some of the behaviors we described earlier.

But what can a homeowner do? After all, you have to mow the lawn as well as trim the hedges. And driving to school or work is a must.

Switching to electric lawn care alternatives to benefit you and your dogs

First, you can make the switch to electric lawn care alternatives (while also considering switching to an EV). First, electric lawn care is much, much better for your health. There are no fumes to deal with, no gas to refill, and no loud noises that can damage your hearing while instilling fearful behavior in dogs.

Electric lawn care equipment is available for a wide range of tools; in fact, weve been fully electric with our lawn care service since our inception. From hedge trimmers to lawnmowers and more, there is an electric alternative for it all.

Relying on an electric lawn service

But do you have the time to mow the grass? Wouldnt it be much easier if you could rely on an outside electric lawn service? Well, as it turns out you can with Sun Power Lawn Care.

This serves two major purposes: it takes the burden off of your shoulders while, at the same time, protecting your dogs ears.

So, how much does lawn care cost in 2023?

And this, too, is a great question. While our focus today has been on how to avoid fearful behavior in dogs, were also here to help you with all of your lawn care needs. Lawn care costs can vary depending on your specific situation, so the best bet is to contact our team for an exact breakdown of lawn care costs in 2023!

Would you like to learn more or get a free quote for our services? Then contact the Sun Power Lawn Care team here or give us a call at (352) 507-5296 today!

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