Mowing for Beginners: Tips To Level Up Your Lawn Game!

Mowing for Beginners: The tips to up-level your lawn game!

Are you a mowing pro or just starting out as a new homeowner? Whether you gained experience mowing as a kid and earned a little money on the side or you lived in the city and never had a reason to start a lawn mower, everyone can benefit from gaining new insight into proper lawn care. Thats why we put together these tips on mowing for beginners. Well look at the How, When, What, Why, and Where of your mowing experience.

First, the How and a brief overview of lawnmower options

Let’s start at the very beginning by going over the types of mowers you can choose from. 

First up, a push reel mower 


  • Most affordable –  These are mostly ideal for the homeowner with a small yard as they only require human effort to cut the grass. That’s right,
  • No gas or electricity needed – If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, this could be the right choice.


  • Man-powered – this could be a pro if you’re looking for a good workout!
  • Small lawns only – unless you are looking for an intense workout!

Traditional gas-powered mowers 


  • Push models are an option for a mild workout
  • Self-propelled – They also come in riding options, with a seat and steering wheel or as a zero-turn also with a seat but steering bar instead.

BONUS: Within this category, available in both push mowers and riding tractors, is a mulching mower. These tools cut the grass up into much smaller pieces than a non-mulching mower, meaning you won’t need to rake and remove cut grass clippings.


  • Not environmentally friendly
  • A loud engine that disrupts neighbors and work
  • Less cost-effective due to gas prices
  • Gas smells and spills

Best for last! The Electric mower 


  • Ideal for a small to medium yard 
  • Come in corded or cordless models. 
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Quiet – keeps the neighbors happy
  • Easier to handle without the weight of the gas
  • Recharging is a breeze and way cheaper than gas
  • No gas smells or spills


  • Can be slightly more expensive to purchase than gas or push mowers but will save you money in the long run.

A boss-level mowing for beginners tip is to start with an electric mower. Trust us, you’ll love how quiet and economical they are!

The next step is knowing When 

Another reason were talking about mowing for beginners today is to cover the When.” Its important to know when the best time is to mow.

Sure, you could grab the mower and head out any time. But, this runs the risk of damaging your lawn and equipment. The best time to mow is when your yard is dry. Wet grass can clump together and get drug along under the mower deck. This results in an uneven cut and patchy grass. Wet grass clippings will also clog the underside of your mower more quickly and accumulate on your blades as well.

So What time of day should you mow?

Any article on mowing for beginners would be incomplete without talking about the What.” In this case, its what time of day should you mow?

Of course, your schedule wont always align with the *optimal* time to mow. But if all things are equal, early evening is the best time to mow. Your yard will have had time to dry out from the morning dew and the middle of the day can be quite warm. As the sun is starting to set for the evening, temperatures wont be as brutally hot and will make for a more comfortable mowing experience.

A quick sidebar: before you start, inspect your equipment


Although this doesnt necessarily fit into the How/When/What/Why/Where of mowing for beginners, we still wanted to throw this tidbit your way.

Lawn equipment needs care and upkeep just like your vehicle, home, and other tools. Look for any visible signs of damage or wear and tear. Check the gasoline and oil levels. Your blades will also need to be sharpened annually to provide you with the best cut.

Where should you mow?

This might seem a bit obvious: you should mow your yard.

However, once you have the right equipment and have ensured it is in good, working order, the specifics of where to mow start to present themselves. Its why were including it in this mowing for a beginner’s guide.

And, since youre reading this blog and are likely a beginner, wed recommend you start with mowing in straight lines in the most open part of your yard. Dont worry about design: adding more complicated patterns and changing directions can come later.

Start at one edge of your lawn and mow in a straight line to the opposite edge. Turn around and make another pass, slightly overlapping your previous path until you get back to your starting side. Continue in this pattern until your yard has been completely mowed. Go back and catch any areas you may have missed and then admire your handiwork. Next time you mow, alternate directions. This will keep your grass from leaning to one side and prevents ruts from forming.

What about the parts of your yard that are not connected to the main section? Maybe theyre on the other side of a fence or separated by landscaping. Additionally, you could have an easement at the front of your property if your community has sidewalks. The same rule applies. Mow from edge to edge in the same pattern as before.

Why should you even mow in the first place?

The final piece of our mowing for beginners tips needs to cover the reason for mowing in the first place. There are many reasons why you should mow your grass taller, mow more frequently, and so on.

It comes down to a handful of reasons: your familys health, protecting your pets, keeping your yard healthy, and aesthetics.

The latter is obvious: an overgrown yard is an eyesore. When it comes to your familys health, those who deal with seasonal allergies will feel the effects even more intensely when your grass is not mowed.

While your pets (especially dogs) might like to roll around in taller grass, it also makes it easier for pests such as ticks to invade your lawn.

Finally, your lawn itself needs to be maintained. Simply put, a mowed lawn is a healthy one.

Sometimes, its easier to work with the professionals

These mowing-for-beginners tips were meant to give the new homeowner an advantage in the lawn care game. However, we also understand that not everyone has a green thumb and others have seasonal allergies that make mowing a challenge.

In situations like these, its often just easier to work with the professionals such as the team at Sun Power Lawn Care. Weve been helping homeowners across Gainesville and the surrounding regions since 2014, offering a wide range of solutions. Those include everything from lawn service packages to landscape projects to sprinkler repair and more.

Would you like a free quote for our services? Then send us a message and let our sales team know. Well follow up and arrange a time to get to know you and how we can help!

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