Gainesville Fl Services That Can Help You Save Time – Our Favorites!

Home maintenance goes hand in hand with ownership. If you have a house, youre going to have to spend some time on upkeep. This covers many different aspects of your home. Your chimney flue will need to be cleaned, even if you only use it a few times out of the year. If youve ever wondered why your sprinkler system doesnt work, in Gainesville, Florida there are services that can help. Or perhaps your gutters and roof need some TLC. Either way, today we wanted to put together a quick list of services that can help you save some time.

Then, well include a link to our Gainesville favorites that offer that particular service. Lets start with the very first one we mentioned: chimney cleaning.

Chimney sweeping services in Gainesville, FL

For the middle half of the 20th century, fireplace usage fell out of favor over newer HVAC systems. Over the past forty years or so, this home amenity has been making a sharp comeback. Even here in warm, sunny Florida some homeowners like to use their fireplace system on a cool evening or around the holidays.

This means that, if you have a chimney, youll need a professional chimney sweep or you’ll have to do it yourself. This is a dirty time consuming job so we definitely recommend the latter. Over time, creosote builds up within the chimney flue. This is a toxic, flammable substance that should be removed regularly.

Our recommendation is to call Tidy Sweep for your chimney sweeping and inspection needs.

Comfort-Temp-LogoHVAC system service

Speaking of HVAC, this system will need to be maintained throughout the year as well. HVAC professionals recommend yearly inspections, and they can even set up a schedule to replace your air filter for you. This is especially time-saving and takes the worry off of your shoulders.

Comfort Temp Heating and Air is a great HVAC company in the area and can handle all aspects of heating and cooling maintenance.

Roofing services

Another common home need is roofing. While most roofs are rated to last quite a while after installation, occasionally problems will arise. Most commonly, youll discover a small leak and wont know where it’s coming from. Even if your roof is in good shape, insurance can require you to replace it every 20 years or so. This can be a hot and dangerous job.

Rather than spend time crawling all over your roof, a time-saving and much safer solution is to call True Force Roofing. They can take care of your roofing needs, freeing you up to handle other things.

Hanging holiday lights in Gainesville, FL

Along the lines of roofing is another closely related service: hanging holiday lights. Home holiday light displays can take on many different forms, from small window lining to extensive roofline setups. Some local light shows are truly sights to be seen, while some homeowners put together extensive displays that would make Clark Griswold himself jealous.

This, of course, takes a lot of time to do properly. You need everything from the right kind of bulbs to power to professional-grade hooks. If youre looking for a way to save time and get a truly amazing Christmas Light display, contact our sister company Twinkle Nights. They can get you on the books, hanging and taking down your Christmas lights quickly and efficiently. Plus, they also offer year-round services such as patio light hanging! They service Gainesville, FL, Jacksonville, FL, and Ocala, FL!

Sprinkler maintenance

Earlier, we mentioned sprinkler system needs. This particular aspect of home maintenance can be particularly troublesome for homeowners. Obviously, your sprinklers need to tie into your water supply. They also need the necessary power for the backflow preventer and system controller to work as expected.

In-ground sprinkler systems often are not a DIY process unless you have the specific skills and knowledge from years of experience in the industry. Thats why we recommend calling the Sun Power Lawn Care team for all of your Gainesville, FL in-ground sprinkler system needs. DIY takes time, but with our assistance, we can have any problems repaired in no time.

INstant Curb appeal of fl logoPower washing

Here in Florida, moss and mold grow on everything including your home, sidewalks, and driveway. It’s important to keep things clean to prevent deterioration and slipping on slimy walkways. It also boosts your curb appeal by a lot and can make a big difference if you are trying to sell your home.

From your sidewalks to your siding to your other exterior structures, there’s only one company you should consider when you need power washing. Instant Curb Appeal of Florida is a Gainesville, FL locally owned company that will treat you right every time.


No matter how handy you might be, you don’t want to mess around with your electrical system. However, electrical malfunctions are a very common culprit of house fires so yearly checks by a professional are a good fire prevention practice even if you don’t suspect a problem.

That’s why our recommended Gainesville, Fl Electric service is Riverbend Electric. They’re the pros who will make certain that your home or business is properly wired and up to code!

Plumbing services in Gainesville, FL

Another common home maintenance project involves your plumbing. However, what many dont think about is that this is, in fact, a two (and sometimes three) part headache. Diagnosing plumbing issues takes time, which is why we recommend turning to the professionals.

For example, the first part of your plumbing setup is your supply. Do you still have old copper piping? If so, you may be more prone to leaks. On the other hand, drainage setups have changed considerably over the decades. Whereas clay tile was common in years gone by, today plumbers use more efficient PVC.

The third part of your plumbing is your municipality, with their supply in and drainage out. All of this is a complex process and one that often requires specialized knowledge to handle properly. Our recommendation is to call Quality Plumbing of Gainesville as their team has all of the know-how and expertise to handle your plumbing problems for you.

The best lawn care services in Gainesville, FL

Of course, if you have a lawn youre also going to need to have that yard maintained by a professional. Thats where we come in. Weve been providing lawn care services throughout Gainesville, FL, and the surrounding community for many years. Our extensive experience has helped to make Sun Power Lawn Care the preferred lawn company in Gainesville.

Would you like to learn more about our services or get a free quote? Then send us a message here or call our sales team today at (352) 507-5296!

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