How To Choose A Good Landscaper

how to choose a good landscaper

Each home needs some kind of service and maintenance to keep it going. HVAC systems need regular inspections, roofs need to be repaired, and gutters need to be cleaned out. And, unless your yard is completely cement, youll need to mow your grass regularly throughout the year. How do you choose a service technician for each of these services? More important, and on topic today, you may be wondering how to choose a good landscaper.

There are a handful of things to both look at and keep in mind. Many of these are good business sense while others are practical considerations. After all, how did you choose your hair stylist, whether a barber or a hairdresser? How did you choose your childrens daycare?

How to choose a good landscaper: start by looking at what services they offer

For those who go to a salon each week or month, would you go to someone who only gave you a cut but no wash? Or, looping back to the daycare comment, if your childrens daycare only fed them but didnt focus on any educational components, would you have gone with them?

In other words, in each of these cases, youre looking for the complete package with your service provider. This same is true for how to choose a good landscaper. Someone who only mows your grass may not be there for you if you need post-storm cleanup. Someone who only plants flowers but doesnt tend to them throughout the year is lacking in their service offerings.

The key to how to choose a good landscaper is to look at everything they provide. Do they offer ongoing lawn care solutions? Do they provide storm cleanup? And do they provide full-service landscaping options? If so, this is step one to how you will want to choose the right landscaping company in Gainesville, Florida.

Next, read their online reviews

In todays era of social proof, its far easier to check out a company before you pay them a single dollar or sign on the dotted line. This begins by taking some time to look at their online reviews. Marketing companies call this social proof, as the recommendations and reviews from other consumers can provide you with a well-rounded view of the company.

There are many platforms to choose from, and we recommend taking a look at several of them. Why isnt just one review system good enough? Thats simple: because companies may try to hide reviews. In the case of Facebook, if they remove their physical address this also removes any user reviews from their page. If a company has a bad reputation, this means that theyre more likely to try to hide them this way.

So should a person just automatically look at Google since it’s the most universal? This is a good starting place, yes, but it isnt the only option out there. One benefit of Google is that you can see the way the company responds to negative reviews. In addition, not everyone has Facebook — which means that it’s easier to figure out how to choose a good landscaper with open platforms such as Google Business.

Beyond that, another way to choose a good landscaper is by checking out their reviews on Yelp. This platform traditionally revolved around the food industry, but you can equally find service and contracting companies on here as well.

How thorough is their experience?

Every company and small business has to start somewhere. We are, by no means, trying to disparage the concept of a startup with this piece of advice. However, on the same hand, you need to weigh what a company offers and its pricing against its experience.

Lets focus on the latter for a moment. Experience matters, and a good landscaper, will understand the ins and outs of taking care of your plants, flowers, garden areas, and more. Were not advocating that a startup company itself might not be a good fit. Rather, what were saying is if you choose to go with a firm thats just getting started, find out what type of experience their team has. Theyve likely worked for other landscape companies in the past; just be sure youre not hiring someone who doesnt know the difference between a boxwood and a dogwood.

Do they focus on customer service?

Customer service should be one of the top priorities for any company. When trying to figure out how to choose a good landscaper, take some time to see what their stance is on customer service. Do they have someone who you can talk to on the phone if there is a problem? Do they respond to messages on their social media accounts? Looping back to our comments on reviews, if they respond do they seem focused on fixing the issue or do they only act defensive?

Each of these can help you see for yourself if they prioritize their customers.

Can they take care of you all year long?

Lastly, does the landscape company youre looking at operate all year long, providing regular visits? Or are they only open during the summer? Answering this question is an important step in choosing a good landscaper for your home.

But wait? Why should I keep paying for lawn service throughout the winter in Gainesville, FL?”

The seasonal nature of lawn care means that, when the weather begins to turn cooler, many homeowners consider dropping their service. This is also why a company that is only out to make a quick buck wont offer year-round service.

However, everything from falling leaves to tending to your flower beds and more are great ways to maintain your homes curb appeal. While the tasks may change, its always a wise idea to pay for lawn service throughout the winter in Gainesville, FL — despite our warmer temperatures during those months.

The best landscaping company in Gainesville, Florida

With all of these steps and tips in mind, youre now ready to choose a landscaping company. If youre looking for a company that can hit all of the marks weve mentioned, then youve come to the right place. Since 2014, weve been working hard to build our reputation as the best landscaper in our region.

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