How to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring – Maintenance Tips to Get You Ahead of The Game!

how to prepare you lawn for spring

While many homeowners are just now getting out of the Christmas spirit, this doesnt mean theyre in the spring mindset just yet. For many, they may be looking for ways to shed those holiday pounds, which is why gym memberships are often a popular purchase during this time of year. However, subconsciously, they are getting ready for spring without even realizing it! Theyre just preparing their body for those weekly beach trips. Likewise, there are home maintenance tips that can help get you ahead of the game. Were talking about how to prepare your lawn for spring.

But wait, who needs lawn care during the winter?” We can definitely understand if you just asked yourself this question. There are several smart reasons to continue your lawn care service or personal lawn care routine during the winter, and this can help prepare your lawn for spring.

So, with that all being said, lets look at the best way to get ready for a picture-perfect lawn in the coming months.

First, when should I prepare my lawn for spring?

The answer to this question is easy. Now is the right time to start preparing your lawn for spring. While you wont do everything right away, small steps today, next month, and as we draw closer to the official start of the season will get your lawn ready for the upcoming warmer time of the year.

How do I prepare my lawn for spring?

This is another great question, and there are quite a few things you can do to prepare your lawn for spring. Some of these involve your lawn itself. Others are focused on getting your equipment ready. And others still revolve around the idea of utilizing a third-party lawn care service.

Lets tackle those one at a time, starting with your lawn itself.

how to prepare you lawn for springPrepare your landscaping

Youve probably heard the phrase The early bird gets the worm.” Essentially, it means its always a great idea to start earlier rather than later. In the business world, those who strike when the iron is hot have a greater chance of success. In the lawn care industry, those who prepare their landscaping when nothing is growing can likewise expect better overall results in the spring and summer.

Remove leaves and branches from your flower beds and lawn as soon as they fall. If they are left in place, they can affect the overall health of your lawn. Clean up dead organic material now, such as by aerating your lawn. This can make it easier to prepare your lawn for planting grass later in the year. Seed your lawn if there are any dead spots, and prepare your flowerbeds and gardens by removing anything that needs to be cleaned up.

Equipment maintenance

Next, you will want to spend some time getting your equipment ready for usage this spring. For starters, you will want to change the oil in your mower and trimmers to help prolong their lives. Cleaning and sharpening your mower blades is another effective maintenance tip. This can provide a cleaner cut when it comes time to mow the grass.

One quick note: if you decide to contract a lawn care company (which well cover next), you should remove the gasoline from your equipment. Otherwise, this can lead to long-term problems if you decide to start doing it yourself again down the road.

One final note on equipment: go electric!

Along those lines, weve been strong advocates of electric lawn care equipment for quite a while. If you decide to stick with taking care of your lawn care on your own, one maintenance tip we cannot recommend enough is to make the switch yourself. This provides several big benefits, including cleaner air, less noise pollution, and a reduced carbon footprint. It also eliminates the need to empty the gas from your equipment if you pause your usage of it.

Better yet, as an extension of that last one, this means there are no more trips to the local gas station to fill up your cans. Plus, its easier to get your lawn ready for spring as there are fewer overall maintenance tasks with electric equipment than with their internal combustion engine counterparts.

Begin considering a lawn care company

Next, another way to prepare your lawn for spring is to work with a professional lawn care provider. Often, these companies provide many types of packages, including year-round service. They will make certain that all of the items weve mentioned above, such as aeration, seeding, and cleaning up your landscaping are taken care of the right way.

In addition, lawn care companies maintain their equipment the right way — which means you dont ever have to worry about this. It can save you money on both maintenance and even the initial purchase of lawn care equipment. Better yet, it saves you time by letting someone else tackle these types of tasks. This frees you up for other responsibilities and recreational time.

Finally, they know how and when to perform each type of task. This eliminates the worry of doing something at the wrong time, wasting grass seed, or letting your schedule get in the way of a much-needed post-winter cleanup.

Our top tip to get you ahead of the game

Everyone seems to get busier and busier with each passing year. Parents with small children think that, once they grow up, mom and dad will have more free time. The reality is that as your kids age, there are sporting events, plays, and so on that will take up your time. Once you have grandkids, the cycle repeats and continues.

Time is one of our most precious commodities, and our top tip to get you ahead of the game is to let our team tackle your lawn care. Well make certain that everything is in place the way it needs to be so that you have the best-looking lawn on your block.

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